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Learnin’ derby skills is hard, y’all. Taking new skills to the banked track is even harder.
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Rat City All Stars take on the LA Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes...TONIGHT!

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On November 18, 2006, while visiting LA to play a freshly minted Angel City Derby Girls, the Rat City RollergirlsThrottle Rockets dropped stopped in at the LA Derby Dolls Little Tokyo "Doll House", a former bowling alley with a big banked track and a low ceiling.

It was the very first time that a whole team from a WFTDA league ever stepped foot on the bank.

They weren't terribly aggressive (they had a game that night), but they were fast, and took to it like they'd always skated it within minutes.

From RCRG skater Astro Glide's blog at the time:
LA Derby Dolls welcomed us to banked track with open arms! Wow, it was a little strange getting used to but fast as hell once you got going. It was somewhat strange, the Dollhouse it in a mall. We walked passed the food court, down a long hall and there it was full of smiling welcoming wonderful women. We exchanged whipping techniques, did some drills, giggled a lot and encouraged them to knock down Chuck. TR's decided not to bout, no risking injury that close to a game.

As they were getting off the track, one of them yelled, "We have got to get us one of these!"


There were earlier Rat City connections to LADD. RCRG's Billie Boilermaker found herself living in LA in 2005 and joined the LA Derby Dolls. She left LADD in mid-2006 to form ACDG.

Three years later, Team Legit was formed, and took up the slack left when Team Awesome stopped skating the bank (after TA founders Ivanna S. Pankin and Trish the Dish joined the SD Derby Dolls). Legit was founded by RCRG all-star skater, Carmen Getsome, and anchored by a contingent of mostly Grave Danger Rat City skaters with appearances by A-list skaters from all over the country. In 2011, Team Legit took home the trophy at Battle on the Bank IV in Phoenix.

LADD-Rat flyerTeam Legit had been the primary RCRG banked track reps until Grave Danger started stepping out as their own banked track team, even representing at the ProRollerDerby Invitational in Glendale, AZ.

But now, for the first time ever, the Rat City Roller Girls All-Stars are coming to the bank to take on the LADD Ri-Ettes, becoming the 7th active WFTDA league to send their all-star team to the banked track.

It's a game six years in the making, and it's happening this Saturday, June 16, starting at 7:45pm PDT.

Tickets and Information:

If you can't make it to the game, there the game will be webcast live with our own Tara Armov and Derby Deeds'Pitchit announcing the webcast: